Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

Happy new year :D

Hey Guys, this is the 1st post in 2010 ( for the one who followed the Babit's Party must know how deep the meaning of this sentence :p )

This night began with a card game which made me and babit should squat for losing games, all lazy to lose, but we all laughed as long as we could.

Tonight is filled with roasted corn, meat, tempe, and tahu. All tired, but all enjoyed, and felt good.

This night ended with fireworks ( not fireflies indeed, i just knew it yesterday. Thanks for bantya because she allowed me to call the firework as a fireflies, because " fireflies" sounds better in my ears ) that look more beautiful than babit's neighbour's, all exposed of smoke, but all fine and happy.

All of the beautiful there always have consequences, all of thing which should be paid is always beautiful, tthose beautiful things can not just acquired, or it would occure an ordinary sense.

Last year was filled with final exam stress, falling down - roll out because of love, shock due to the change of learning, the end of semester's task, but all covered by you all, Guys.It beautifully closed by something that is also beautiful. Thanks.

Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

Just Fine

sunny day
the sun can not hide
wind dance without thinking long
leaves with a cheerful greeting, and then fell to the ground
loose soil, taking them gently

a day like this
doesnt not deserve to cry about
a bright day like this
doesnt not deserve to be reproached
a peaceful day like this
doesnt deserve to be insulted by continually asking for more without effort

we already have eyes, even could not see the shape of the wind
we still have ears, though unable to hear the sound of leaves falling gently
we still have nose to breathe, though it can not smell the hot sun

everything just, just fine.

Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Secret Plan

God always keep everything, including life and death. Happy and sad. Trials and blessings. That's all that we continue to pray, try and grateful.
My aunt died today, the memory of her hospitality is still recorded in my mind. She suffered the same disease with my father, and my uncles who had preceded. Last I saw, she was so healthy with gloves and socks. She talked about the organization she led. Later she was frequently called my father, telling how healthy she is. And how healthy her husband who had just recovered from disability. I were happy because of that. I rarely communicate with her because I stutter in Java language, but I really love her as family. I remember how she tried to speak the Indonesian language which she did not mastered, only to say hello. How grateful I am to have her in my side.
Why did God take her so fast? why God did not tell me that she would gone today ? why did God show us that he was going to live any longer?

Because God wanted us to always be aware of what we have. Be grateful, until one day come - come pick them up. Because God wanted to keep it quiet, so we all can laugh till the bad news arrived. Because God wants us to pray at any time, for the happiness that can be lost at any time.
Because God wants us to see our image in the glasssee, that we are only human.

Live and be happy, before one or both taken :) do not make God teach you a happiness through a grief.

Selasa, 03 November 2009


I saw him, standing there so long. I was confused when i saw he's just walking around below the same tree. He never moved from there. I wonder why he didn't try to sit if he waiting for someone. he just paced back and forth, and continued his confusion. And I was as stupid, cant stop worrying abut him.

Then the rain came, I went into my tree house. I peeked out a moment, he was more confused.
I wanted to offer my house, but I'm afraid he refused it, so I said nothing. Suddenly he knocked on my door, I saw he was shivering, cold. I invited him in, gave him a blanket and a cup of hot tea. For the first time, I heard his voice, he said "thank you" :) *yey !

Then, he told me that he was waiting for someone. *huh
I saw him drowning in the wound, and I tried to change the subject. I was looking for stupid jokes, so he can laugh. I did not care whether I look stupid in his eyes. The most important thing was he laughed, I enjoyed watching his laughing. We talked at length, laughed, and he forgot someone who he was he waiting for. I'm glad, glad to see it.

Soon after, the rain stopped.
He looked out, then put the cup. Then he said "Thank you for discussion and a place for shady".
I wanted to say "If u want to wait here is just okay, until your lover come."
But he was already gone, he did not let me issue a word. Besides that, he would be reluctant to wait a long time with me. He returned to waiting under the tree, spinning, cold and felt hot outside.
Increasingly saw the blackened, I became increasingly unwell. I decided to go to him,
then I said, "Put my tree house to wait. I have to move to another place. " I was lying.
Then his face shone brightly, he said " Thanks " for the second time and he got in to my treehouse. Once again, I'm glad. Although it makes me have to hide in another tree, and saw him occasionally, " whether he had met with his lover or not ? Is he ok ? " an another stupid questions.

I feel hot, i'm wet in the rain now. If he see me, would he offer me a place to take shelter ?

Love will make you willing to sacrifice. But you must know, you are also equally valuable. If the person you love can not respect you, you have to respect your self, because you are deserved to be loved. :)

When Coffee Meets The Milk

Coffee tastes bitter to the tongue
Milk is sweet on the tongue

Coffee's colour is obviously black
Milk's colour is pure white

Different ? yeah.

But why did they not rebel when mixed?
even more provide a more enjoyable taste of coffee with milk

Does coffee have to change the color used to be white only to be mixed with milk?
Whether the milk should be changed once a sweet taste to be mixed with coffee?

Think about it,
This world would be destroyed if forced to be equal

There white is to brighten the dark
Sweet taste is to diminish the bitter
So that the world is not only black and white


Differences are not need to blame, you are who questioned those differences, who need to open your eyes and look,
Does your mother have the same sex with your father ?

Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009


" We can only have a motor and a small boarding, no problem. We're happy. "
Afi, 2008.

Afi ( let's just say his name so ), kenalanku yang satu ini sangat menyenangkan buat dilihat. Dalam artian, dia selalu tersenyum lebar, dengan banyak utang di kepalanya. Dia selalu tertawa lebar dengan banyak masalah di kentornya. Dia masih bisa bersenandung gembira dengan cemooh dari keluarganya, karena istrinya yang tidak disenangi oleh keluarganya. Istrinya, Ida, juga begitu, hidupnya kayak gak pernah kurang apapun, selalu pringas pringis, ingah - ingih, dan menertawakan kebodohan - kebodohan yang dilakukan suaminya. Kalau mereka berantem, serunya minta ampun, Smapai - sampai aku pernah liat adegan, si Afi mau dicemplungin ke kolam ikan di pemancingan sama istrinya, di depan BANYAK ORANG. Gimana aku yang waktu itu lagi bareng mereka gak malu setengah mati ?! Tapi, di sisi lain, selain dapat malu karena kenal sama pasangan muka tebal kayak mereka, aku juga belajar banyak hal dari kehidupan mereka.

Sejak pacaran, Ida emang udah dapet tanda silang besar dari keluarga Afi. Alasan yang mendasar cuma karena latar belakang budaya ( c'mmon, hari gini masih rasis ? jadul parah ! ). Tapi dasarnya si Afi emang bocah nekat, entah pakai kabur dari rumah apa ngancem ala sinetron " Kalau aku gak boleh nikah sama Ida, mending aku mati aja ! " atau pura - pura depresi, yang jelas, akhirnya mereka boleh juga menikah secara resmi. Jelas itu adalah hal yang gak diduga, karena Afi udah nyiapin penghulu sendiri buat nikah siri. Awal mereka jadi suami istri, gak kayak saudara Afi yang lain yang dikasih uang untuk pesangon pengantin baru, Afi tidak diberi sepeserpun. Dengan gaji yang seadanya, ditambah penghasilan istri, Afi berusaha mandiri. Kalau sodaranya yang lain punya rumah sendiri, dia baru bisa ngekos di sebuah kamar kecil. Kalau sodara yang lain udah punya mobil keluarga, dia hanya ada 1 motor lama untuk antar jemput istri. Tiap hari, kerena kehdupannya yang pas-pasan itu, dia selalu jadi bahan pembicaraan negatif di keluarga besarnya. Tapi dia mah cuek bebek, dia bilang, " Mereka bilang aku gak hidup cukup, tapi aku merasa udah cukup kok, Bisa nyicil utang tiap bulan, udah bikin aku ngerasa cukup. "

Sekarang si Afi udah punya anak lucu banget, sama aja kayak bapak ibunya, tuh anak bawaannya ketawa mulu. Mungkin dia emang bukan anak yang bisa tiap minggu dibeliin mainan baru atau diajakin jalan - jalan ke mall. Tapi dia anak yang sangat bisa menghargai hal - hal yang sederhana. Cukup ke mall tanpa membeli apa - apa juga sudah wisata namanya, apalagi kalau dibeliin entah cuma apa gitu, buat dia udah sebuah kemewahan. Padahal kan kadang anak kecil itu suka gak tahu kalau orang tuanya lagi kekurangan atau gak mampu, suka aneh - aneh minta dibeliin ini -itu yang diliat di TV, padahal harganya selangit.

Tulisan ini maksudnya bukan mengkritik agar tiap orang harus hidup sederhana sekali, sama sekali bukan. Kalau mau hidup mewah juga gak apa, asal semua itu gak sia - sia dan memang membuat kita merasa sudah cukup bahagia. Mau tiap akhir minggu bolak - balik Indonesia - Prancis buat belanja gak papa, asal kita sadar kita bahagia dengan itu. Jangan - jangan udah kayak gitu masih juga mikir:
" Ya ampun, kok orang lain bisa ya bolak balik Indonesia - Eropa 3 hari sekali ? Aku kok cuma bisa seminggu sekali ya ? Miskin amat suamiku, cuma bisa mbayarin belanja ke eropa seminggu sekali. "

Minta digaplak nih orang. Itu sih yang miskin bukan suaminya, tapi hatinya.

Happiness is a choice. You could continue to feel sadness in happiness, but you could also feel haapy in a grief. So what abou your life ? You are happy or not ? It's up to you ! :)

Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

TRIPS = Tricks and Tips

" She becames a jerk, because her friends teach her bout tricks and tips to be the sly ! "
Gossipers , 2008.

Everyone makes mistake, either intentionally or unintentionally. And they have reason for doing that silly things. Because that, "sorry" is needed. But sometimes there are some people who do not respect an apologize, lets call them as a COWARD. They acting as forgiving, but they were stabbed in the back. Indulgence in people mistakes, laughing people apologize, spreading slander, and blame the people who are outside the problem. the coward never ashamed to spread other people's mistakes, and make a lot of people come to hate people.

An experience which I got told about the cowards who hide away their grudge with someone (call her B) because her fault back then, and they assumed that B becomes so annoying because she friends with annoying people. The coward had spread an issue that B wass taught by her annoying friends how to be a crook, whereas the fact is NO. And B never know that as well as those cowards smiled in front of B's face. B thought an apology for her mistakes can always remove it all, but it did not. If I were B, I would be angry to them, who smartass. If I were B, I would say " It was my mistake, I were sorry and if you still cant forgive me, spill your hatred in my face, i do not need your hypocrisy ! "

Maybe that B had a mistake back then is true, as true as her apologize.But what the Cowards did behind her is not better than she did. If you think B murderers, they aren't better than murderers, all of them criminals. Because they are the same as hurting someone else. If you ask where the painful part is :

1. Acting as forgiving B
2. Slandering B's friend
3. Make others come to hate B and B's friends
4. Talking about people mistake to many people

The wrong part is not because they did not forgive, but they let B thaught that they was her friends too, when in fact was her enemies.

Don't ever hostile to people when you are not sure you are better.

big thx to : the cowards ( enjoy your sin ! )

Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

Having A New World

" bagaikan kutub utara dan kutub selatan "
Arian, 9 oktober 2009

Bisakah kamu membayangkan jika dua orang yang berada di belahan kehidupan yang berbeda mencoba untuk berpacaran ?
Yang satu ogah panas, yang satu hobi banget panas - panasan. Yang satu sok kaya yang satu sok kere. Yang satu keras, yang satu melankolis total. Yang satu licik, yang satu gak tegaan. Yang satu suka suudzon, yang satu over khusnudzon. Benar - benar saling menyakiti. Inilah contoh percakapan mereka :

n : Cari kontrakan yuk, yang gede, yang luas. Kan enak, jadi gak sumpek !
g : Kos - kosan ajalah, yang murah.
n : Heh ? ngekos ?!

Kalau si cowok berniat romantis, kejadiannya bakal seperti ini,

g : Kamu cantik banget, nyud !
n : Thanks. kamu jelek, jelek banget. ( dalam konteks jujur, tidak sambil pasang gaya sok imut )
g : Iya deh, aku emang jelek. ( sambil memenyilakan rambut krebonya )
n : Udah to, rambutmu jangan digituin, udah jelek tambah jelek.
g : Iya, deh.

Kalau lagi di jalan, bukan cowoknya yang di depan, melainkan ceweknya, dan seperti biasa, si cewek akan mengemudikan motor dengan cepat, kejadian selanjutnya si cowok akan berteriak ketakutan sambil mencengkram pundak si cewek. Kurang lebih kondisinya akan seperti ini,

g : Iiih, kamu kok ngebut sih ? ojo ngono to, aku tu jirih e, takut aku.
n : Apa e kamu tu ? biasa wae to ! Gitu aja takut ! Cemen, ah !
g : Eh, awas - awas ! Ati - ati wae waton kelakon.
n : Apa, sih ? Santai aja to !

Tapi dibalik itu semua, mereka bisa saling menjaga, saling mengerti. Seperti keputusan si cewek yang pada akhirnya mau juga ngikutin si cowok untuk sewa kos - kosan. Ataupun kerelaan si cowok untuk membaur dengan dunia si cewek yang tadinya malas untuk dia masuki. Contohnya saat si cewek ngajakin si cowok ke kafe, secara si cowok biasanya nongkrong di angkringan, dan beginilah conversation mereka,

n : Ayo ke kafe, sekali - kalilah !
g : Aku gak punya uang, say.
n : Aku yang bayar.
g : Gak papa ?
n : Gak papalah, yok !

Sebaliknya, si cewek juga berusaha membaur ketika diajak si cowok kumpul dengan teman - temannya. Padahal perlu diketahui, mereka berdua di masa sekolah mempunyai friendships group sendiri - sendiri, yang hubungannya bisa dibilang berkorelasi negatif. Butuh keberanian atau kecuekan yang ekstra dari keduanya, untuk menanggapi polemyc ( ceileh, bahasanya :p ) yang timbul akibat hubungan mereka.

Begitulah kira - kira gambaran kehidupan mereka. No confusing as the other people think, just go as well. Meskipun orang - orang di sekeliling meributkan mereka, yang dibilang gak cocoklah, gak sederajatlah, gak kloplah, nyatanya sampai sekarang mereka asik - asik aja. Tidak ada yang menuntut satu sama lain untuk berubah sesuai kepribadian yang lainnya. Tidak ada satupun dari mereka yang berteriak ke yang lainnya " Kok kamu gitu sih ? kamu gak sayang ya sama aku ? " hanya karena sering berbeda pendapat dan saling menyiksa. Yang namanya beda ya udah beda aja, mungkin emang perbedaan itu gak bisa disatuin, tapi bukan untuk dipermasalahin juga.

We grew up with different backgrounds and characters, and we do not need to throw it all just for a relationship. We don't have to be the same for love and affection, only to be your self :)

thx to : nyud & alagires