Minggu, 04 Juli 2010

Day with(out) You

My father is the most i love. If allowed to be exchanged, I want to swap my whole life to make him live again. But my dad would also say the same thing to God. He always sacrificed everything for me, my life.

Back then, I loved him only through this heart, from now on i'll love through all this life. Every breath, every tear, every smile, every praying and dream which will be come true, i dedicate them for him, instead of the day, that may not be real with me since he had passed.

"I want to die "
Sometimes i really want to do that.

But sometimes i also try to understand, that by my death, my father would never return. But when I'm alive, my father will live on, through the blood flowing in my body, through his praying that would make my dreams come true, through the strength that gives laugh and happiness to the whole of my family.