Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

Happy new year :D

Hey Guys, this is the 1st post in 2010 ( for the one who followed the Babit's Party must know how deep the meaning of this sentence :p )

This night began with a card game which made me and babit should squat for losing games, all lazy to lose, but we all laughed as long as we could.

Tonight is filled with roasted corn, meat, tempe, and tahu. All tired, but all enjoyed, and felt good.

This night ended with fireworks ( not fireflies indeed, i just knew it yesterday. Thanks for bantya because she allowed me to call the firework as a fireflies, because " fireflies" sounds better in my ears ) that look more beautiful than babit's neighbour's, all exposed of smoke, but all fine and happy.

All of the beautiful there always have consequences, all of thing which should be paid is always beautiful, tthose beautiful things can not just acquired, or it would occure an ordinary sense.

Last year was filled with final exam stress, falling down - roll out because of love, shock due to the change of learning, the end of semester's task, but all covered by you all, Guys.It beautifully closed by something that is also beautiful. Thanks.

Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

Just Fine

sunny day
the sun can not hide
wind dance without thinking long
leaves with a cheerful greeting, and then fell to the ground
loose soil, taking them gently

a day like this
doesnt not deserve to cry about
a bright day like this
doesnt not deserve to be reproached
a peaceful day like this
doesnt deserve to be insulted by continually asking for more without effort

we already have eyes, even could not see the shape of the wind
we still have ears, though unable to hear the sound of leaves falling gently
we still have nose to breathe, though it can not smell the hot sun

everything just, just fine.

Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Secret Plan

God always keep everything, including life and death. Happy and sad. Trials and blessings. That's all that we continue to pray, try and grateful.
My aunt died today, the memory of her hospitality is still recorded in my mind. She suffered the same disease with my father, and my uncles who had preceded. Last I saw, she was so healthy with gloves and socks. She talked about the organization she led. Later she was frequently called my father, telling how healthy she is. And how healthy her husband who had just recovered from disability. I were happy because of that. I rarely communicate with her because I stutter in Java language, but I really love her as family. I remember how she tried to speak the Indonesian language which she did not mastered, only to say hello. How grateful I am to have her in my side.
Why did God take her so fast? why God did not tell me that she would gone today ? why did God show us that he was going to live any longer?

Because God wanted us to always be aware of what we have. Be grateful, until one day come - come pick them up. Because God wanted to keep it quiet, so we all can laugh till the bad news arrived. Because God wants us to pray at any time, for the happiness that can be lost at any time.
Because God wants us to see our image in the glasssee, that we are only human.

Live and be happy, before one or both taken :) do not make God teach you a happiness through a grief.