Selasa, 03 November 2009


I saw him, standing there so long. I was confused when i saw he's just walking around below the same tree. He never moved from there. I wonder why he didn't try to sit if he waiting for someone. he just paced back and forth, and continued his confusion. And I was as stupid, cant stop worrying abut him.

Then the rain came, I went into my tree house. I peeked out a moment, he was more confused.
I wanted to offer my house, but I'm afraid he refused it, so I said nothing. Suddenly he knocked on my door, I saw he was shivering, cold. I invited him in, gave him a blanket and a cup of hot tea. For the first time, I heard his voice, he said "thank you" :) *yey !

Then, he told me that he was waiting for someone. *huh
I saw him drowning in the wound, and I tried to change the subject. I was looking for stupid jokes, so he can laugh. I did not care whether I look stupid in his eyes. The most important thing was he laughed, I enjoyed watching his laughing. We talked at length, laughed, and he forgot someone who he was he waiting for. I'm glad, glad to see it.

Soon after, the rain stopped.
He looked out, then put the cup. Then he said "Thank you for discussion and a place for shady".
I wanted to say "If u want to wait here is just okay, until your lover come."
But he was already gone, he did not let me issue a word. Besides that, he would be reluctant to wait a long time with me. He returned to waiting under the tree, spinning, cold and felt hot outside.
Increasingly saw the blackened, I became increasingly unwell. I decided to go to him,
then I said, "Put my tree house to wait. I have to move to another place. " I was lying.
Then his face shone brightly, he said " Thanks " for the second time and he got in to my treehouse. Once again, I'm glad. Although it makes me have to hide in another tree, and saw him occasionally, " whether he had met with his lover or not ? Is he ok ? " an another stupid questions.

I feel hot, i'm wet in the rain now. If he see me, would he offer me a place to take shelter ?

Love will make you willing to sacrifice. But you must know, you are also equally valuable. If the person you love can not respect you, you have to respect your self, because you are deserved to be loved. :)

When Coffee Meets The Milk

Coffee tastes bitter to the tongue
Milk is sweet on the tongue

Coffee's colour is obviously black
Milk's colour is pure white

Different ? yeah.

But why did they not rebel when mixed?
even more provide a more enjoyable taste of coffee with milk

Does coffee have to change the color used to be white only to be mixed with milk?
Whether the milk should be changed once a sweet taste to be mixed with coffee?

Think about it,
This world would be destroyed if forced to be equal

There white is to brighten the dark
Sweet taste is to diminish the bitter
So that the world is not only black and white


Differences are not need to blame, you are who questioned those differences, who need to open your eyes and look,
Does your mother have the same sex with your father ?