Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Flying In The Wind

I were a leaf that is carried by the wind.

I turn around to follow, as if a rope connecting my body with him.
Since i followed that "wind" , I was not cautious. Sometimes I fall to the ground bacause of its moving. When i ve been fell, it is moist and difficult to re-fly. Also sometimes I drift into a big tree. Yea, it hurts, like hell. But i ll be fascinated by its beauty and i would still be pleased to fall and get hit. What so ever the risk, the pain, i love to beeing fly in the "wind". I am not blind, I see, I feel how the "wind" gives me that pain and tears. But i just let myself close my eyes, follow the wind.

Is it false ?
according to some people, they ll say " N
o, it is not false. "
Because when the "wind" is coming, it can not be denied.
The "wind" would just moving, then we just take off, if we let it, maybe we'll get to a comfortable prairie, feel happy and comfy there. But when the "wind" was barren, this "wind" could also bring us into the desert without water, and difficult to return.
If from a distance you've felt that the "wind" barren or you suddenly see the parched, just leave the "wind", although you have to be waiting for another "wind" to come. Stop at the place where it is comfy enough to beeing a shelter. Better you leave that "wind" before the desert eliminates your chance to return into fresh praire. Believe me, there is so many, many "wind" that you may choose then, that will make you fly with, into a praire.

Dont be afraid, honey :) when you need to take a shelter, use your time wisely to beautify you texture or playing with the other leaves. If you have been flying in the "wind" , you would miss that act.

Senin, 08 Februari 2010

graduation day

its a brand new day
without bad dreams
no more daily pain
without fake smiles
no more weekly sadness

day without you in my mind

i have been successful to get you away, i ve pass this exam, even maybe get C for the mark.
the most important, i ve graduated.
this is my graduation day. cheers !